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. We hope you will join us.  

It’s the time-honored, forty-day spiritual journey leading to    Easter. I invite you to travel together this Lent with your friends at St. Matthew Lutheran Church...
Lent begins Ash Wednesday, February 10. We hope you will join us that evening at 7:00PM for Holy Communion and the service of ashes.
Then, on the following Thursday evenings, hear stories from real people who now follow Jesus as disciples.
A Second Chance. With an upbringing marred by violence and abuse from her belligerent, alcoholic father, one woman's journey was set in motion by a record album.  February 18. Free soup supper 5:30-6:30, church at 7:00PM.
Dead is Dead. For an Orthodox Jew it was a lengthy apprenticeship-in the back row of a Christian church-that became for him a brand new kind of life. February 25. Free soup supper 5:30-6:30, church at 7:00PM. A Healing Service will be included within the worship.
Buried with Buddha. For a New Age stargazer, a woman deep into Eastern religions who charted other people's futures by astrology, it was an attempt to get Christianity out of her system that eventually won her over. March 3. Free soup supper 5:30-6:30, church at 7:00PM.
Xbox Atheist. For one young man, an allegiance to evolutionary theory and science trumped any idea of the spiritual at work in his life, until he grasped the nature of faith. March 10. Free soup supper 5:30-6:30, church at 7:00PM.
Someone You Know. The final story in the series will come from someone you know, someone among us right here. March 17. Free soup supper 5:30-6:30, church at 7:00PM.


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Our small groups keep going strong, and there is a place for you! Men's group, Women's group, Youth group, Sunday School, Choir, Adult class, Bible Alive, Quilters, all these are open to you. At St. Matthew Lutheran Church you will find many opportunities to learn, to serve, and to be among friends who share your faith.

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